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What services does Orchard Home Cleaning provide for elderly clients?

Orchard Home Cleaning provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically to the unique needs of elderly clients. These services are designed to not only maintain a clean and healthy living environment but also to offer support and enhance the quality of life for seniors. Here’s a detailed look at the services offered:

-Regular Housekeeping: This includes routine cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, changing of beds, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. The goal is to maintain a tidy and hygienic home environment, reducing the risk of falls and improving overall well-being.

-Deep Cleaning: For a more thorough cleaning, Orchard Home Cleaning offers deep cleaning or catch-up cleaning services. This involves a meticulous approach to cleaning, addressing areas that are often neglected in regular housekeeping. It includes cleaning appliances, cleaning paint work, washing windows, blinds, etc ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless.This service starts from a minimum of four hours and we can work to budgets and prioritise.

-Laundry Services: Managing laundry can be physically demanding for elderly individuals. Orchard Home Cleaning provides in-house laundry services, including washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes. We can also handle bed linens and other household fabrics, ensuring everything is fresh and clean.

-Decluttering Services: Clutter can be a significant issue for seniors, often leading to safety hazards and increased stress. Orchard Home Cleaning offers organising assistance to help declutter and arrange personal belongings in a neat and accessible manner. This service is particularly beneficial in optimising living spaces and enhancing mobility within the home.

-Customised Cleaning Plans: Recognising that each client has unique needs, Orchard Home Cleaning creates customised cleaning plans. These plans are tailored to fit the specific requirements and preferences of elderly clients, ensuring that their individual needs are met with care and attention to detail.

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