Regular Cleaning

Join our growing community of clients whose lives have been enhanced with our regular cleaning service.

£16.95 per hour, includes comprehensive insurance 

£10 off your first clean*

Enhance Your Everyday: Discover Our Regular Cleaning Service

During our personalised consultation, we will explore your specific cleaning needs and prioritise them. Unsure about what your regular cleaning should entail? Don’t worry – we’re here to guide you. With our extensive experience assisting numerous clients, we understand that every home is unique. Our commitment is to listen attentively to your preferences and ensure we match you with the ideal cleaner who meets your home’s distinct needs.

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Experience the Difference with Our Regular Cleaning Service

Our team of professional and dependable cleaners are committed to accommodating your schedule, whether you opt for weekly or fortnightly appointments. Anticipate remarkable outcomes and top-quality domestic cleaning that truly sets us apart.

Embrace the convenience of our regular cleaning service, purpose-built to alleviate the everyday stresses. Rest assured that your cleaning requirements are in expert hands, giving you the freedom to savour more of life’s meaningful moments.

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Caring for Your Home

Life can get hectic with family gatherings, unexpected illnesses, special celebrations, or demanding workloads. We’re here to offer extra support by extending your cleaning hours whenever necessary.

Our friendly team are ready to assist with a variety of household chores, making your life easier:

  • Vacuuming: We’ll ensure your floors are spotless
  • Polishing and Dusting: We’ll keep your surfaces gleaming and free of dust
  • Changing Bed Linens: Enjoy fresh, crisp sheets without the hassle
  • Kitchen Cleaning: Let us handle the heart of your home, keeping it clean and tidy
  • Bathroom Cleaning: We’ll make your bathrooms sparkle and shine
  • General Household Cleaning: From top to bottom, we’ve got your cleaning needs covered

Count on us to lend a hand when life gets busy

Discover the Benefits of Our Regular Cleaning Service

Vetted cleaner

Reliable, experienced, vetted and referenced checked Northampton house cleaners. We always carry out a home visit prior to engaging a cleaner

Tailored to your needs

A home cleaning service tailored to your needs

Same time, same cleaner

The same cleaner provided each week

Replacement cleaners

A replacement cleaner provided if yours is on holiday or absent

Comprehensive insurance

Insurance in place, so every clean is covered for public liability & accidental damage insurance

Support throughout

Back up support from the Orchard 🍏 Office Team

Extra hours available for when you need them

Extra hours can be arranged if you have a need for more help

Book now and experience the difference

How our regular cleaning services work

1. Getting Started

A dedicated team member will engage with you to understand your cleaning preferences in detail. It's important for us to know exactly how you envision your home being cleaned. By delving into the specifics of your cleaning needs, we aim to gather the essential information that will enable us to pair you with the most suitable cleaner for your home.

2. Cleaner Allocation

Using the detailed cleaning preferences gathered during our chat, we then commence our search for the ideal cleaner. This selection process takes into account various factors such as availability, the location of your home, and feedback from our existing clients to ensure a perfect match.

3. Meet and Greet

We will arrange for your cleaner to meet you before the scheduled cleaning day in what we affectionately call our 'meet and greet'. This meeting provides a valuable opportunity for you to show your new cleaner around your home, highlighting your cleaning priorities and specific preferences on how you want your home cleaned.

4. Confirmation

After the 'meet and greet', we will send you a confirmation detailing your new cleaning arrangement. As an Orchard Home Cleaning client, you'll enjoy numerous benefits, including our efficient cleaner replacement service and the option to add extra cleaning hours whenever you require them.

5. The EXCITING part!

This day is often considered the best day of the week for our clients! Thanks to the prior discussions and 'meet and greet', our cleaners are well-prepared and understand exactly what's expected. This thorough preparation ensures that every cleaning session gets off to an excellent start.

6. End Result

Enjoy a spotless home without lifting a finger! With your home cleaned, you can finally relax, spend quality time with family, pamper yourself with a manicure, catch up with friends, or simply smile and unwind. The possibilities are endless, but the ultimate reward is reclaiming your precious time.