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How can I prepare for cleaning job interviews?

Here are some things you can do to prepare for when you apply for a cleaning job.

Skills & experiences for the cleaning job advertised

What cleaning experiences do you have? What kind of premises have you experienced cleaning – for example; houses, apartments, etc.

Did you work on your own when you were cleaning? Did you work in a team situation?

From your work history, you can give examples.

You could have transferable skills

If you do not have the exact experience asked for in the job advert, then you could have transferable skills to still apply for the cleaning job role.

If you are unsure as to whether you have the skills, you can call the recruiter to ask and check.

At Orchard Home Cleaning, we have a Cleaner Support Team ready to help you. We LOVE answering your questions – it shows you are really interested. We want to help you by giving you as much information about the role so you can make an informed decision as to whether it matches your expectations.

Your well-being and happiness are important.

Boost your skills & experience with a cleaning qualification

Practical Cleaning Skills (Awards) qualifications and training courses | City & Guilds

City & Guilds offer a variety of different courses for cleaning, from short Awards to in-depth Diplomas. There are options – if you’ve just started out you might take a Level 1 or 2 cleaning qualification, while experienced supervisors can go straight to Level 3.

These cleaning qualifications are for anyone who works as a cleaner or cleaning supervisor. You don’t need any previous qualifications to get started, but you need a current job or work placement in the cleaning industry.

The pay rates
Are the pay rates suitable for you? Is there room for negotiation on the rates? What rates are you willing to work for?

As part of your interview preparation, you can connect with your recruiter to make sure you are clear on what rate of pay you will be receiving for the job role that has been advertised.

Find out when you get paid so you know when to expect.

Check the employment status of the job; is the cleaning role employed or self-employed?
If the role is an employed role, is there a job description available so you are clear on the hours of the job, what the pay rates are, what annual leave you get with the role and what the recruiter is looking for in terms of skills, attributes & experience for the role. Then, you can start preparing to apply if this fits what you are searching for.

Are you now self-employed if the position requires that? If not – are you comfortable working on a self-employed basis? Does the role advertised meet the pay rates you charge? Does the description of the role match what you are looking for? If yes, then you can start preparing to apply if this meets what you are looking for.

Location of the cleaning role

Can you get there and back comfortably & safely?

If the cleaning job advertised is not clear on the location of the job, then you can enquire to get more specific details

Consider how you are going to get to the location of the job in all weathers. If you apply for a job when it is summertime – the location may be attractive because of long light evenings, warm weather, and little rain. Think about how you would get to and from the location when it is dark mornings or evenings, the weather is cold, damp and inclement.

If you are driving there, is there a safe place to park? Can you park without charges?

Got more questions? A dedicated member of the team is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with our team.