About Orchard Home Cleaning

At Orchard Home Cleaning, we’re passionate about providing top-notch cleaning services in Northampton. Our pride shines through in our bespoke, first-class cleaning solutions, tailored to each unique home. We treat every space as our own. Our unwavering commitment to quality and dependability means your home will dazzle with cleanliness every time we visit. Experience the Orchard difference, where exceptional service transforms your home into a sparkling sanctuary.

Meet Orchard Home Cleaning: Your Expert Cleaning Partner in Northampton

Established in 2003, Orchard Home Cleaning is a premier cleaning service based in Northampton. For years, we’ve been delivering professional, yet affordable, cleaning solutions across Northampton. Our range of services includes regular weekly and fortnightly cleans, along with comprehensive deep cleaning options like end-of-tenancy, probate, and builders cleans.  Experience the exceptional standard of cleanliness that only Orchard Home Cleaning can provide.

Meet Ann Brebner

“Hi, I’m Ann Brebner, owner of Orchard Home Cleaning. Back at the turn of the millennium, I was a busy Metropolitan Police Officer working in London. Not content with an already busy and sometimes stressful life, I then became pregnant with twins! I decided to hire a cleaner to help ease the burden. It was then, that I realised the value of having someone to help me with not only the wish list of cleaning chores, but also those things that had to be done, but I never quite found the time for.

Over the years, I’m so proud of how the business has grown, and the respect it has gained in the Northamptonshire area. The business started with 12 part-time cleaners, we now have around 100! Our client base has grown significantly, but I’m proud that even now, each and every one of our clients receives the same level of care, commitment and service as they would if they were our only client”.

Don't just take it from us...

Dedication & Quality of Service

At Orchard Home Cleaning, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional house cleaning service that guarantees both value for money and outstanding quality every time. But that’s not all – our service isn’t just standard. You have the power to customise the cleaning tasks for each visit, putting you in complete control of the service you receive. Every clean we provide is specially tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a personalised and satisfying experience every time.

We go further than you think

It’s often misunderstood that we only have clients in Northampton Town Centre. Not true! Time to dispel the myth. We will travel across Northamptonshire for our clients. Give us and call for more information about your area.
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