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What are the different types of cleans you carry out for our clients?

Here are the different types of cleans we carry out for our clients:

Spring Clean

If you are looking for a spruce up, then the spring clean is for you. We offer this service for anyone who isn’t looking for a regular cleaner but would like their house to look and feel squeaky clean again.

Deep Clean

Our deep clean service is available to those who need a deeper clean around the house. Use this option if you are after a real spotless, immaculate home. Perhaps you have a certain area that needs paying attention to, we will make it look like new again.

End of Tenancy Clean

If you are about to move out of rented accommodation and want to give it that last minute clean-up then this option is for you. We will leave the home looking spic and span and you will look like the perfect tenant.

Life of Grime Clean

Over the years we have been asked to clean properties that present a challenge to our cleaners. We are more than happy to take on a challenge, however, we do need to be made aware of hazardous situations in advance so we can assess and inform our cleaning teams.

Builders Clean

Building work is messy, we know. Use this service if you’ve recently undergone building work and want the home to look back to its healthy, dirt-free state.

Probate Clean

Cleaning up a decendant’s property is an important step in the probate process, and we can help. Our team of cleaners will take care of your probate needs and have the property looking at its best so that it’s ready to go on to the market.

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