Tidying Up is Trendy!

How KonMari has changed my life! 

When I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed from another parent, I thought I would check it out.

Especially when the words ‘this has changed my life’ are used, anything is worth a look. I love a life hack at the best of times, and when it involved de-cluttering, I had to take a look.


I looked for a programme on Netflix called ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ and watched the first episode, then the next, then and the next and by the following day my house was turned upside down. Not an appealing prospect I admit, but I was inspired.

Before I knew where I was, my entire wardrobe and drawers were tipped out onto the bed. I then ritually picked up each item and in the words of Marie Kondo looked at it and ‘if it gave me joy’ I kept it and if it didn’t, I said ‘thank you’ to it and put it in a bag to go to charity. 

Ok, ok you might not need to go to that extent, but in a way the process makes you re-evaluate the way are going to buy clothes going forward. Certainly what was left on the bed was minimal and made me realise that I don’t need anymore than that. 

Folding lesson

The most time consuming, but most rewarding part of the tidying process was the folding technique. Nothing revolutionary, but the point is to fold the clothes into small rectangles, placed side by side in your drawers, rather than on top of each other.

This allows you to see everything you have and pick one item up instead of pulling everything out to find what you are looking for. Totally makes sense and even my kids love it. Having their drawers in order ensures allows them to see what they have without pulling it all out first.

It didn’t stop there either; I sorted out the dreaded ‘bits and pieces drawer’ in the kitchen that has everything from cables and batteries to take away menus in it. I have now got things in boxes and sectioned on areas, using box lids and old Tupperware. However, the most significant change was in my husband, who got ‘all Japanese’ (his words) on the garage. Happy days!

We are living the KonMari Dream. Go and take a look, or ask your cleaner to…