S.O.S Stain Survival Kit

Ok, we all love having friends round for drinks but there is always one person that precariously holds their glass as they are chatting away. It’s painful to watch! Then it happens, someone bumps them and there it is. Red hell on your cream carpet = Stain SOS Emergency!

Here are some top tips on how to cope in an emergency.

Red wine  – Cover the stain with artificial sweetener. Within 24 hours, brush off the sweetener and rinse the tablecloth in cold water. Apply distilled white vinegar on the stain if the material is cotton, a cotton blend, or permanent press. Wash as usual. Another tip is to pour white wine over the top but seriously??

White Wine – Soak with cold water and blot dry with dry cloth.

Sauce stains –  BBQ, tomato ketchup etc. Use washing up liquid on a cloth and dab the stain then flush with white wine vinegar.

Tea and coffee – Using white vinegar soak the stain then wash with cool water.

Make-up stains – Remove excess make up like lipstick from napkins or foundation from white towels with a dull knife. Carefully apply spirits to the stain with a brush. Flush area with alcohol and dab again adding more mineral spirits, repeating until stain is removed. Wash in an enzyme detergent.

Still want to have people round?

Dripped Wax – If it’s on a tablecloth, put it in the freezer for an hour. Crack wax and remove excess. If there is any residue use a mineral spirit and rub into the remaining wax. If the wax has dripped onto a table or sideboard place a plastic bag filled with ice on the wax to harden it. The remove the ice bag when the wax is hard, then scrape the wax off with a plastic putty knife held at an angle. Polish any remaining wax off with a paper towel.

Beer –  Don’t leave it too long before attending to a beer stain as the sugar in the beer can caramelise, turning it much darker. As soon as the spills occurs use a white paper towel to absorb as much of the stain as possible. Then use a carpet cleaner to remove the remainder of the stain.

Glitter – Use packing tape to pick up glitter from clothing and make sure you wash items separately as it can transfer onto other garments.

Good luck, have fun and have your emergency kit on standby at all times! If in doubt call us