I feel guilty for having a cleaner

Justifying having a cleaner?

Every week we speak to prospective clients who seemly embarrassed to be contemplating having a cleaner! Many people spend the first few minutes of the call justifying the reasons why they need one.

But why?

Maybe we think of our own mothers and how they seem to manage to do it all themselves, but stop! 
Times have changed, we’re all working harder and our kids seem to be more demanding too.
We are constantly juggling school, work, and lifts here and there, never mind a slight possibility of social life.
So let’s change the way we are thinking and get rid of that little voice in our heads which says ”only well-off people have a cleaner”.
You are only asking for a little bit of help, let’s face it you will still have to clean the kitchen daily, sweep the floor, tidy up, do the laundry.
Most men if asked would prefer to have a cleaner and spend more time with their wives!
Most women you ask would like to put an end to the constant nagging / asking 😏 that goes on too.
It’s no different to asking someone to help tutor your child or help your child to learn to swim. Think of it as sharing the wealth!

But I feel bad for the cleaner? 

Well don’t…During our recruitment process we speak to women from all backgrounds. Many of them have had successful careers and are highly educated. However, they’ve made a choice to be a cleaner so that they can have more flexibility in their lives for whatever reason.
It’s often seen as a low-level profession, but it’s not. These women are providing a service that’s no different to any other, and one that allows people to get on with their lives and provides an income for someone else – it’s a win-win!.
If you know anyone interested in this career – click here

I feel uncomfortable when I am at home when the cleaner is there?

As long as you let the cleaner get on with her work then there is nothing to worry about. If you want to sit and watch the telly while they are there that’s fine too! You’ve paid for a service and don’t need to help or act busy just so you don’t feel guilty. Just sit back and relax!

They won’t be able to clean the house as well as me?

It’s always a learning curve for new clients as a cleaner is naturally going to do things differently to you. All it needs is a bit of give and take. Remember they are not you, and they can’t read your mind, it takes a while for this to settle down sometimes. Call us if you find it difficult to have a conversation about something that’s not being done quite as you would like. Ultimately just be happy that when you get home it’s all sparkly and fresh!