Spring Cleaning Tips

Hiring A Cleaner

Is it that time already?

Yes it may not quite feel like it just yet but we are actually there and weather (pardon the pun) you like it or not, certain things start to show in this light.

Where to start?

Well I start with one room at a time and go at it head on. I have everything to hand and don my rubber gloves and have a bin liner at the ready for rubbish and a box for anything that can go to charity or local selling pages.

Once I start I can’t stop and there is a moment when I look up and it looks worse than when I started, but keep the faith and see it through to the end. Get the vacuum going first, and if your bed is anything like mine where you can’t move it and its too low to get underneath.

What lies beneath?

You will need a long pipe to reach the carpet of dust underneath. So have a bowl of hot soapy water nearby to clean down window frames that might have gone a bit mouldy over the winter with condensation.

If you have a bookcase, this is where much of the dust settles. If you have read them, why not pass them on and make some money at the same time. Check out ziffit.com as they buy your old books and it’s even free postage.

If you have an old toothbrush never throw it out, as these are the best little tool to clean hard to get places, and make sure you never put them back in the toothbrush holder by accident – eughhh.

Skirting boards also are one of the top areas that our clients talk about when we talk to them for the first time. I suppose it’s the one place that we look at frequently but never can be bothered or have the time to address them. This is where the hot soapy water and sponge will come into play. Have a dry cloth to go over it afterwards to avoid moisture sitting on the wood.

More Germs than your Toilet Seat

Dust magnets

Lampshades are another dust magnet along with all the bugs that have been flying around throughout the year. Therefore depending on the type of fitting you have will depend on how it collects the dust, so be careful when bring it down. If you have a fabric one, make sure you don’t use water as this will often push the dust into the fabric. A light vacuum usually does the trick with a micro cloth to hand as well.

Windows are one thing that really shows you up on a sunny day. One beam of sunshine and all the smears of dirty finger marks or cats noses suddenly make an appearance. So we all know that vinegar works brilliantly on glass but the jury is out on whether a scrunch of newspaper or soft cloth works best at polishing. I personally like the e-cloth. It’s environmentally friendly as no products are needed and it works like a dream.

One thing is for sure, along with the shower cubicle it’s the hardest job to perfect, but the one that gives the most cleaning satisfaction.