Seasonal Cleaning by The Cleaning Fairy

Seasonal Cleaning

Halloween Clean Up

So….Halloween has come and gone again for another year. Que skeletons, witches and ghosts, but what about spiders?? Yuk! We have a friend who starts collecting cobwebs as early as late August, to give her home the ‘authentic’ look.

Here at Cleaning Fairy Central we let you choose how you wish to scare your guests, but if you are thinking of holding a Halloween Spooktacular, or an All Saints Celebration we can offer you a one-off clean to get your home sparkling clean before the event, or even mop up the aftermath of your event. Of course if you are looking for a regular cleaner to have your home party ready at all times, then we are happy to arrange this too.

Christmas Clean Up

The cleaning fairy is at her busiest during the lead up to, and during the Christmas holidays; everything must look its cleanest and best before we even begin to think of lights, trees, turkeys, presents or guests.  We can help you ease at least one of those worries, and let’s be honest, whilst the majority of us love this time of year, it can also be one of the most stressful.  Cleaning fairies are carefully selected to match to your specific needs, and vetted by our retired Police Officers in the business. We can offer you regular cleans to ensure your home is kept spick and span, and fit for even the most judgemental of great-aunts, or if you prefer, we can also offer a one off deep clean to provide you with that clean slate in which to begin decorating your home ready for the big day.

Whilst we pride ourselves in easing one of life’s greatest stress factors, the cleanliness and tidiness of our homes, we are a little baffled by the idea we seem to have adopted of inviting the pesky ‘Elf on the Shelf’ into our homes.  Whoever first invited that naughty imp into their home could not have been a busy person. Tidying up after a night of mischief, day after day, during the busiest time of the year, is not our idea of fun. Now whilst we will not banish him from your home forever, the cleaning fairy does have the power to wave her wand and cast a spell to soften the blow of cleaning up flour that has been tipped across the entire kitchen.

New Year’s Eve Clean Up

Really…are you still worrying about the state of your house?  Christmas is a wonderful time of year, it is a time for family, friends and of course good-will…. But…. having just got rid of great-aunt Agatha, and your sister, and the twins, and don’t get me started on your Brother’s dog!  By the time New Year’s eve comes around, we think everyone has earned the right, to put on your sparkles, put down the duster, and go have fun at someone else’s home.

And of course we will be here in the New Year to discuss your cleaning needs throughout 2018.  

Festive greetings from the Cleaning Fairy