Meet the Orchard Home Cleaning Fairies

Meet the Orchard Home Cleaning Fairies

Fairies are tiny little ‘people’ with wings, that make wishes come true – but we don’t know that for sure.

Now, take those wings off, add some height and let me introduce you to the Orchard Home Cleaning Fairies.  They are weaving the Orchard Home Cleaning magic every single day in Northamptonshire, and that we do know for sure.  They don’t use a tiny person wand; they use the Orchard Home Cleaning tool that suits the wish.  This could be anything from a feather duster to a mop or a broom to a sponge – not glamorous I know, but they work.

We have young people that work all week and wish for more time with their family at the weekend.  Older people, who are struggling with the general day-to-day, wish for help around the house to make their lives easier.  And at this time of year we get wishes for a cleaner house, a one-off clean that gets the house ready for all the family descending at Christmas.

If you could make a wish what would it be?  Would it be any of these?

“I wish I didn’t have to do my ironing on a Friday night”
“I wish I didn’t have to clean up after the party next week”
“I wish I could take my son to football on Saturdays instead of cleaning the windows”
“I wish I had more time to get on with some Christmas shopping”
“I wish I could find someone to help me clean my house”

If you are reading this and have a wish for the Orchard Home Cleaning Fairies then let us know what it is.  Don’t whisper it under your breath for no-one to hear or wait for someone else to wish it for you, just pick up a phone and call 01604 791799 or tap out a message to our email address