How many sleeps?

How many sleeps?

If one more person says how many more sleeps till xmas I am going to scream… That only means one thing to me. How few days have I got left…

This weeks list:

  • Sew Shepherds costume
  • Check what’s on the kids xmas lists and see if they are still in stock
  • Clean football boots for tournament on Saturday
  • Find something to wear to New Year Eve party – (determined not to leave it till the last minute)

With only a few weeks to go, thoughts are on the big day. As wonderful as this time of year is, it can also be stressful in the lead up. With gifts to buy, meals to plan and houses to clean and get ready. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if for one day a fairy could come in and get the house back to some sort of normality, just to give you a bit of space to concentrate on the fun stuff.

Most of us will have family descending on us at some point over the holiday period, and making sure beds are stripped with clean linen, shelves are dusted and carpets are clean are a must, especially if certain nameless relatives are likely to inspect a little more closely. Let us take away that pressure and do the hard work for you. Once everyone has gone home and the Christmas tree is down, let us come in and clear up all the needles, take down your cards and get you back to square one again. Our cleaners actually love cleaning, so show the love and pass some more their way.

If all this has got you all in a tither, just call us and we will help you out.  We offer regular and one off cleans, and bring our own magic wands to spread a bit of calm and serenity back into your life. shh…no one needs to even know we were there.

Call on 01604 791799 or email and go and meet an old friend for a glass of Prosecco instead!