Hopefully you managed to tidy up??

Well, we survived the first week back and we can just about remember who we are and what ‘normal’ looks like again. 

Hopefully, you have managed to tidy up and get the decorations down and all of the recycling ready for the bin men. Don’t forget that the council collect your trees for recycling this week so get them next to your brown bins ready. This will prevent a trip to the tip in your car, which I certainly could do without. Cleaning up those pine needles is not something I fancy doing this weekend.

We love putting up those decorations but boys do it look clean and tidy once they are down? Now all I need is to have a clear out of all the old clothes in the wardrobe and toys in the kid’s rooms and get them to the charity shop for a fresh start. Clean house, tidy mind or so they say…

Not sure if it’s a thing of the past but no one has actually asked me yet what my resolutions are going to be this year, and I can’t quite decide if that’s a good or a bad thing.

Does it mean that people don’t want to make goals they can’t keep or do people feel that they don’t need to say it out loud to achieve them? Who knows, but for me, it’s a time to reflect and think about what can be done to eliminate stress and become more mindful of what’s important; living in the moment and not setting my sights too high.

Anyway I am definitely going to start planning a trip away to see friends and get some ideas in the diary for some days out to places I have never been to before. I am looking forward to Spring around the corner but in the meantime, I am going to make the most of the cosiness and put the fire on, make a hearty soup to warm me up and give my immune system a well-earned boost. Domestic bliss here we come!

More importantly, don’t forget to ask for help if you need it, a one-off clean might be all you need to get you back in control!

Xmas Cleaning
Well has it gone?