Glove is in the air!

Glove is in the air!

I know Valentines Day isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but what’s wrong with a bit of romance, even if it is a bit forced! It’s possibly the only time in the whole calendar where it’s acceptable for people en masse to publicly show signs of affection.

Whatever you do don’t gift your loved one any gift relating to cleaning ie: a vacuum cleaner or a rubber glove!  Even these beauties are not going to down well unless you are actually proposing and want to add a bit of humour. Do that at your own risk!

However a cleaner for a year would go down a treat as a present! Imagine what you could both do with all that freed up time? 52 weeks of clean free living.  It doesn’t come much better than that.  Alternatively what about a city break? Top five weekend destinations are:

Vienna. As the home of classical music, Vienna is one of the most culturally significant cities in the world

Prague. Long considered one of Europe’s most idyllic cities, Prague has an incredible amount to offer

Barcelona. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city with 1.6 million residents

Reykjavik. Is one of the safest cities in the world

Berlin. is the captial of Germany, but it is also a city full of stories and fun facts!

If either of those are out of the question how about some essential oils and a diffuser. One of the most popular and healthy ways to cleanse the air and lift your mood. From Grapefruit to Geranium there is a huge collection of pure grade essential oils to choose from. Essential oils are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants and have many health benefits.

Since December 21st the days start to get longer by 2 minutes every day. Finally I am starting to see lighter morning’s, which makes such a difference to our equilibrium.  By the end of this month we can start to look forward to spring and our favourite time to clean.

Weekend fun not cleaning!
Opt for a weekend away NOT cleaning!