Quick and easy hacks to clean your home in a short amount of time

Cleaning your home can be a time consuming task and it is reported that an average woman spends more than two hours every day keeping up with household chores.

Follow our tips as we show you how you can speed up the mundane task of keeping your home clean so you can spend more time relaxing outside this summer.


A good way to kick off your cleaning spree is to spray down your bath, sinks and toilets and let the cleaner soak in to break down any build up and lime scale. Whilst you are waiting for this to get to work, you can go about your next area. It also saves you the hard task of scrubbing!


Before you get to work on the dusting part, you should work out what equipment you will need. For most dusting jobs, you should use a microfibre soft cloth with a little bit of water. However, if you dust on a regular basis, a fibre duster will be your best bet as this will help pick up the thin layer of dust that collects on every surface. Put together all your everyday essentials in one caddy to help go around the house.

Remember to wash your dusters and cloths after each use.


If you have babies or small children in the home, you will understand the importance of keeping their toys clean and hygienic. It can take time to clean each one individually so why not use your trusty dishwasher?

Place toys such as dolls, figures and plastic toys on the top shelf in the dishwasher and run on a light heat cycle (you don’t want the toys to melt!).

This will also dry the toys saving your hours of having to clean and wait for them to dry.


Without realising, your lampshades are a dust magnet. By using a lint roller, you can easily wipe off dirt and dust from your lampshade, making it look refreshed.

The dust and dirt will stick to the roller and you can easily discard the remnants in the bin.

If you have glass lighting fixtures, you can even use the dishwasher to give them a good clean. Make sure you run a dry cycle too to avoid water marks and spotting.


Washing curtains can be a long process. You need to take them down, wash them, dry them, iron them and then hang them back up. This is a day’s work in itself!

If you are looking to refresh and clean your curtains, we suggest that to save time, you hoover them whilst they are hanging. Use the upholstery attachment and hoover from top to bottom. 

To add a little freshness back into your curtains, try a mixture of zoflora mixed with water in a spray bottle and gently spritz over your curtains and blinds. This will leave your room smelling fresh.

Room to room

By focusing on one room at a time, this will save you time running between each room. Simplify your cleaning products and use multipurpose where you can. You are not only carrying less items around with you but it will also save you time and money.


Always hoover last, this will ensure that any dust you have swept off floors, ceilings and cabinets, falls to the floor and is picked up last. This saves you going over the same area twice.

So are you ready to take on the quick once around clean? Especially now more visitors are allowed in the home, the mad-dash isn’t so hard once broken down!

If you still need some help to keep on top of your cleaning during the week and months, give our Northampton cleaning office a call, we’re here to help you with time and your home!