Tips and tricks for cleaning your home this Summer

As the weather begins to heat up, the summer season sees many people sprucing up their homes to keep them clean and safe. Follow our simple tips to keep your home fresh and clean all summer long.

Kitchen cupboards 

Kitchen cupboards are opened and closed on a daily basis, leaving behind sticky marks as well as bacteria. The best way to keep your cupboard doors clean and grease free is to first of all, wipe over with warm water to eliminate and grease. Finish by using a mild antibacterial spray, ensuring you also clean the handles.

Wipe with a dry, clean cloth. We recommend that this is done on a weekly basis to avoid grime building up, especially if little fingers have been opening the treat jar!


A bathroom can harbour many germs and is often used by numerous members of the family.

A common issue in a bathroom is mould and mildew which can cause an unsightly view and smell as well has damage to your health. To avoid a build up, clean the shower whilst you are showering using a sponge and squeegee.

Ensure your toilet is cleaned on a daily basis. There are four steps to ensuring you clean your toilet properly. First pour a cleaner around the bowl then spray and wipe down the exterior. Ensure you wipe the seat thoroughly and finish by cleaning the bowl from bottom to top.

Wipe mirrors with a woven microfiber cloth to avoid any smudges as well as countertops. White vinegar is a great product to use and is cheap to buy which works wonders on mirrors and shiny surfaces.


Summer is a perfect time to wash nets and curtains and let them air dry outside. Both are common dust traps and odours can become trapped making the rest of the room smell fusty. Have you washed yours recently? If you can’t remember the last time, it’s now the perfect time to get them on the line.

You should also check window sills and window edges for any signs of mould and mildew. Whilst your nets and curtains are drying, take this opportunity to give your window area a good clean. You can use white vinegar to clean the windows and get rid of any streaks and marks. Give the ledges and good clean and use a mould eliminating spray along the edges.


Your floor sees a lot of daily activity and can quickly become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. 

It is important to remember that different types of floor surfaces require different cleaners.  

For wood and laminate floors, the best way to clean them is to part mix water and white vinegar and using a towel, lightly wipe the floor. 

For vinyl floors you should use an all purpose cleaner as well as water. By adding in some white vinegar, this will ensure your floors are left sparkling.

If you have stone or tile flooring, use cotton towels moistened with very hot water. Do not use any cleaners or vinegar as this can cause damage to the finish. Sometimes the best method is clean once to remove the obvious marks and a second time to achieve the full shine from your floor. Summer is a great time to do this because it can dry quicker!

By placing door mats at every entrance, it will encourage people to wipe their feet. Try and avoid wearing shoes within the house to reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria bought in from outside.

Kitchen odours

When the weather becomes hot and humid, it can cause unpleasant smells within the sink, bins and recycling. 

To reduce odour smells, we advise to take the rubbish out daily and clean bins on a regular basis. You could pour some Zoflora into your bins to eliminate any smells. Some people suggest leaving a clean tissue or cotton pad in the bottom of the bin to allow it to eliminate smells daily.

Sinks and drains can get hot especially if not flushed out regularly, a pour of soda crystals and vinegar or lemon juice does a fab job of cleaning the drains out with a fresh scent.

Remember to wash and clean your cloths and sponges daily to avoid them becoming smelly and dirty. For the ultimate hack, place any dirty cloths or sponges that can be used again in a bowl of Zoflora and water over night, when you come downstairs in the morning, the house will smell delightful.


Over the colder months, you will often leave your towels to dry on an airer or in the tumble dryer. Embrace the warmer weather and let your towels dry outside for a fresh smell. It gives that fluffy crisp texture which is amazing to use each morning.

The best way to wash your towels and eliminate smells is to add some baking soda into the rinse cycle to get rid of any musky smells. 

So, we’ve got your daily summer tasks sorted – you just can’t beat the fresh washing off the line. If you’re looking to get on top of your summer cleaning, why not enlist a Northampton cleaner. Chat to us today about your requirements!