Getting organised for school and home life!

As the end of summer approaches and the children are preparing to return to school after a long break, make sure that your home is ready to pick up the pace of life again.

By ensuring your home is clean and organised before school and work restarts, you will find that it will ease the stresses when some kind of normality resumes. 

Follow these tips to make sure your home is ready for the new school year.

Prepare your kitchen

As everyone knows, the kitchen is the heart of the home and for this reason, will see a lot of coming and going. Why not give your fridge a freshen up by taking everything out and giving it a good clean. Throw away anything gone off or past its sell by date and organise everything in containers.

If you have a store room or pantry, organise and rotate foods as you buy them. If you find you have lots of tinned foods, check the sell by dates and ensure the nearest expiry date is at the front. 

It is a good idea to have a notice board or have a list to hand so you can note what you are running low on so you don’t overbuy.


Whether you have a small entrance hall or a large utility room, make sure that either of these rooms work for your family. 

If you have a hallway, think about where to place hooks to hang coats and bags, maybe invest in some baskets for hats and shoes. This will enable you to keep the entrance of your home as clean and tidy as possible.

A matt by the front of the door is essential to wipe away unwanted dirt and avoid traipsing through the house or for the rainy days, provide an umbrella stand to keep wet brolly’s away from the paintwork.

A utility room is usually more hidden away than the hall way, however, it is good to ensure you have similar items such as baskets, hooks and somewhere to dry wet shoes and coats to avoid clutter. Brush and clean any muddy footprints at the end of every day.

Home office

With more people working from home these days, it shouldn’t just be children going back to school who get to relish in new stationery. 

Whether you have a room dedicated to your home office or a small area of your home, such as the dining room, ensure you have a space that makes you feel productive and can block out the rest of the home.

Treat yourself to some new office equipment or stationery to brighten up your space. Ensure you keep it clean and tidy on a daily basis. Take any cups or plates into the kitchen and give your desk space, computer and keyboard a good wipe at the end of each day. A good vacuum every other day should suffice but by keeping the area clean and tidy increases productivity.


Ensuring that you are work/school ready in the mornings will save you time.

Wash and iron new school uniformsto get ready for the week ahead. This will save you time in the week. Mornings can be stressful enough so by ensuring your kids are ready, will allow you to have a stress-free morning.

To avoid confusion, ensure all uniforms and PE kits that no longer fit are washed and placed out of sight. You may find that your children’s school has a second-hand area for spares or you might know someone who will be joining the school. Try social media to see if anyone can take them off your hands.

Whether you are working from home or returning to the office, this is a great time for a wardrobe tidy-up. Clear out your wardrobe and give it a clean as it can be surprising how much dust and dirt accumulates.

Treat your wardrobe to some new baskets and hangers. Keep out what you will wear in the winter and store away summer clothes. If it no longer fits or has not been worn for a long time, keep it or donate it.

By updating your wardrobe, you may have items of clothing you forgot about. It can be a way to see what you need and treat yourself on a shopping spree. Finally, add a scented sachet to top it off. This keeps your clothes looking beautiful, fresh, and ready to wear.

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