Declutter your home ready for Autumn

As the summer months come to an end, September is the perfect time to organise your home. You may be planning to downsize, decorate or simply want to simplify your home.

Knowing where to start is usually the most daunting part but the best way to tackle it is in stages and focus on one room at a time. Ensure you complete each room before moving on to another one. As you finish each room, you will see visible success and this will encourage you to continue.

Follow our top tips on how to declutter your home ready for Autumn.


Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in a home but can easily become the messiest and it is easy to let products build up.

A good place to start is the medicine cupboard, check use by dates and throw away anything that has expired. Next, move on to your everyday items such as shampoo, toothpaste and makeup and ensure that these are easy to get to. If you don’t have a bathroom cabinet to store them in, put up some shelves or buy baskets to make the room look more inviting. Anything you don’t use daily, place in your wardrobe or another cupboard within the house.

If you have drawers in your bathroom filled with cosmetics and other supplies, why not add some dividers or a utensil tray to keep things organised and easy to find.


Clear out food cupboards and larders and dispose of any foods that have passed their expiry dates. If you have any open bags of food such as nuts, pasta or rice, place them in either an airtight container of mason jars with lids to keep them fresh.

Once you have emptied the cupboards, give them a good wipe down with a clean cloth and warm water. When you are ready to put items back in, ensure you store items that you use regularly in an easy to reach place such as the front. Items that are rarely used can go at the back.

Try and keep work surfaces clear as this makes it easier to keep them clean.


Your bedroom should be a peaceful and restful haven but if there is lots of mess, it can become a nightmare.

When decluttering your bedroom, the first step should be to ensure your bed is made. This then doubles up as a space where you can sort items out.

Only keep what you need in your bedroom and take out anything that is not constructive to a relaxing environment. Start by taking out everything from under your bed and pick out anything that you do not want in your bedroom.

It is easy to get carried away and start taking everything out of wardrobes and drawers but this can become overwhelming and you will end up feeling frustrated. Take each part of your room one step at a time and you will end up with a relaxing bedroom.


Of all the rooms in a home, the hallway is usually the one that gets overlooked. Whilst some people wouldn’t class the hallway as a room in comparison to say the kitchen or bathroom, and it can end up looking like a dumping ground for shoes, coats and dog leads.

Shoes can create mountains of mess, especially if you have young children. The best way to ensure a clutter free hallway is to implement some storage. Being able to put shoes away can make a huge difference to your hallway and make it look more inviting. 

Coats and jackets can also cause mayhem within a hallway especially during winter when they are bigger to keep out the cold. Keep coats on hooks and only keep out the ones you wear daily to avoid a build up that no one can squeeze past.

Encourage the family to place any school bags, briefcases or laptop bags in their rooms or in a designated space away from the hallway.

Living room

The living room can be the toughest room to keep tidy and clutter free. Utilise the space and invest in cupboards that have doors so you can store items away keeping the room looking clutter free.

If you enjoy reading or like to have photos on display, place them on shelves or on a bookcase and keep coffee tables free to place drinks on.

Keep accessories to a minimal if you can. Baskets or boxes are a great storage idea for blankets and throws.