Hiring A Cleaner

Hiring A CleanerOrchard Home Cleaning owner Ann Brebner come from working class stock and still hold the majority of values passed on from their hard-working background. The business success is down to hard work, graft and elbow grease from the whole team!

Hiring A Cleaner

Years ago if you had a cleaner at home you were very well to do. In fact I can’t remember a single friend who had a cleaner, but that was in the early 80’s time has moved on since then. Now I don’t have many friends who don’t have help around the home.

Hiring A Cleaner

I asked Ann why she thinks hiring a home cleaner has become more wide spread:

Time! Our lives are so much busier than when we were growing up. Maybe both parents work? There are a lot more social obligations and that includes the events and activities the kids go to. Let’s face it, if it is a contest between some quality family time or cleaning the house from top to bottom family time tends to win hands down.

Kids do less around the home. Although we have a number of gadgets that are time saving, our children tend to do less. I am not sure this has been a conscious decision as a nation, or whether we all now conform to social PC policies.

Having a cleaner is much more cost effective, people are comparing how much a cleaner costs with how much their own time is worth, most of the time it makes sense to pay someone else to do it. Compared to the cost of living cleaning services haven’t really increased inline, look at how much a loaf of bread was compared to now.

Finally there has been a distinctive shift in how women are perceived by others and themselves, re-defining their role in the home. In the 60’s a typical British woman would have been very reluctant to allow someone else to clean her home. Now we are more than happy to hand over the chores, even if we have only monthly or fortnightly help and the rest of the time we stay on top of the cleaning ourselves.

What do you think has caused the increase in popularity Hiring A Cleaner? Do you agree children do less around the home? Do you have a cleaner? What’s your reason why? How can we have all these time saving gadgets and still not have time to clean?

We are very interested in your opinion, if we find out why you have a cleaner, we can find a way to help even more people make more Orchard Home Cleaning!

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