Time to Clean Things Away

Time to Clean Things AwayAs much as we love cleaning and tidying your house for you, do you ever come home and find things have been moved or put away in the wrong place? We all know that feeling where you’re scrambling around trying to find something but can’t remember the last place you left it, but what about when you know where something is, but it has been moved to a different location when you go to get it?

Time to Clean Things Away

The last thing we want to do is aggravate our clients; we are here to help you. However, there are times when you can also help us to ensure we use our time efficiently when cleaning your home. There’s nothing better than a lived in home and when you know your cleaner is coming round, that feeling can be just as euphoric!

What we don’t want is for the kids to be screaming at you because they can’t find their favourite toy because it has been put back in the wrong place or the hair gel has been put back on the shelf in the bathroom instead of the bedroom. We want peace and tranquillity for everyone in the household.

Time to Clean Things Away

If you know your cleaner quite well, they may put things back in their rightful place for you, but for those that are relatively new or just unsure, the last thing they’ll want is to think they are helping, but in fact are setting up a scene for world war 3 to erupt!

So if your cleaner is scheduled to come round, be aware that things may be moved during the cleaning process and if it’s going to be somewhat annoying for any of you, help us by clearing it away before we arrive! That way we can spend our time playing Mary Poppins and spruce up your home just the way you like it!

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