Cleaning with Microfiber Cloths

If you were to ask us what one item we couldn’t clean without, the answer would be easy: microfiber cloths. These are definitely an absolute must have for all of our cleaners and are an essential item to keep in any home.

Cleaning with Microfiber ClothsCleaning with Microfiber Cloths

There are a variety of microfiber cloths to choose from categorised into ‘grades’ depending on what you want to clean. For example, you might want a thicker cloth to clean the windows compared to one for the television or dining room table. Either way, they both serve the same purpose.

The cloths themselves are made up of polyester and polyamide which contain tiny fibres held tightly together making them soft to touch. Unlike the favourite traditional types that require polish and end up depositing dust as soon as you start cleaning it up, microfibers help collect and attach dust and dirt rather than moving or smudging it further, also preventing any scratches that may occur.

Microfiber cloths are so robust you can use them in every room in the house, both wet and dry, and on any surface. So whether you need to wipe down the kitchen worktops, clean your bath or shower door, mop the floors or wipe up a sofa spillage, microfiber cloths are so versatile you can use them on anything! You don’t even need to worry about using cleaning products either because they are naturally absorbent and don’t leave any particles flying around like other cloths do, which is great if you have any allergies or children who like to explore in cupboards!

Being chemical free, microfiber cloths are environmentally friendly and are safe to use in the washing machine so can be reused as many times as you want without them losing their shape, saving you money on buying not only more cloths, but also the usual products you would use with them.

They are a definite essential and we would be lost without them!

What’s your must have cleaning aid?

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