How to keep your home clean during winter

Whilst it is important to keep your home clean and tidy all year round, it can be more challenging to keep on top of it during the winter.

As we head into winter, it also means cold and flu season. These viruses can make whole households miserable, and for those susceptible can lead to serious illness and death. 

A little extra vigilance can help prevent some of those germs from making their way into your home. Here are our tips to keep your home clean and hygienic throughout the winter season.


Shoes are the biggest culprit for bringing dirt and dust into the house. You can avoid muddy floors by thinking about introducing an outdoor or indoor door mat. By placing a mat by the front door, visitors will be able to give their shoes a quick brush before coming in and this should prevent any larger items from entering the house, such as leaves, twigs or chunks of mud coming into the home.

It can also be a good idea to leave a small shoe rack in the entrance. This way, when people come in they will be more inclined to remove their shoes and in turn keep your carpets clean.

Lastly, an umbrella holder is a great accessory to have in your hallway. This will prevent any unwanted indoor puddles!

Sofas and cushions

Most families spend a large amount of time relaxing on sofas in the lounge, watching TV, reading books or online shopping. To keep your lounge area comfy, clean and inviting, it is important to refresh the sofa, cushions and throws every so often. 

How you clean them depends on the materials. But you should be able to find cleaning directions on the labels attached. This will also help to keep the rest of your home smelling fresh.


With nights turner darker, you will find that you will want to illuminate your rooms. Lampshades are an area that is often overlooked and left to gather dust. With the right tools, this can be an easy task that won’t take forever to do. Use a lint roller gently across the surface of the lampshade and watch the dust disappear. Make sure that the lamp is unplugged before doing this.

Fresh air

Often, while cleaning a house during winter season, people forget that cleaning the air within it is also important. This is because pollution and dust tends to stick around longer in cold weather. Therefore it is important to open windows on daily basis to allow the air to flow and keep the house fresh.


Dust accumulates very quickly in the winter because the air is so warm and dry. It is important to keep the dust in your home to a minimum as not only is it unsightly, but it can also interfere with your health. 

Dust can contain a number of different compounds such as skin cells, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and even cigarette smoke. 

As you move around your home you are stirring all of this into the air in to be inhaled or absorbed into your skin. Doing so can cause allergic reactions, asthma or even dermatitis. 

Take the steps to avoid this by dusting the surfaces of your home regularly and using antibacterial spray where you can.


It is difficult to avoid dirt and debris being walked into the home and the effects of this are seen on our floors. To combat this and prolong the life of your floors, vacuum regularly and clean up any puddles or mess straight away. 

Standing water seeps into floors and causes warping and stains. A quality floor cleaner will ensure stains that get into your home will be cleaned correctly the first time.

If you need help keeping your home clean and tidy, you can speak to our cleaning team on 01604 791799.