Childrens Murals

Childrens MuralsYou know what it’s like, you just get the house clean and for those precious few hours, before the husband and kids get home, it’s heaven….dust free, smelling of polish, heaven.  Then, within minutes of the troops arriving home there are muddy boots in the hallway, coats strewn on the chairs and school bags dumped on the floor. Sound familiar?

Childrens Murals

Charlotte Designs specialises in creating unique and personal spaces for children by painting a mural that turns their room into a fantasy world. Research shows that children who have personal, special rooms are more likely to want to spend time there and more likely to keep them tidy than those who don’t. Every child is an individual and we believe that their room should be as unique as they are. My own son announced that he wanted a velociraptor on a bicycle on his bedroom wall. Odd! But that, at the age of 3, is what he wanted. So that is what he had and he loved it. It took a long time to persuade him to have it changed. Lucy aged 7 wanted dolphins, by moonlight, above and below the water, so that is what she got. Two-year-old Maria, on the other hand, could not be persuaded to make the transition into her own room, until they had a mural painted with all her favourite animals in. Maria then couldn’t be coaxed out of it! Rather than having to choose from a range of options for their room, children who

Childrens Murals

have a room that means something to them, rarely want it changed.

Personal Space

Creating a personal space for your child also promotes good sleeping habits, encourages hobbies and interests and develops their imaginations. A mural will roughly cost the same as a games console, but last much, much longer.

Whether you have slaved over the housework yourself or got the experts like Orchard Home Cleaning in to clean your home, a bit of extra encouragement to keep their room tidy has got to be a good thing. Whilst we make no guarantees that the house will stay pristine, we do promise that they will love their room and remember it for the rest of their lives.

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