3 Tips for a Cosy Home This Winter

3 Tips for a Cosy Home This WinterChristmas has come and gone, the evenings are still dark and temperatures are at a minimum. It’s time to make sure your home is as cosy as can be as Winter sets in!

3 Tips for a Cosy Home This Winter

With that in mind, we have put together 3 tips that’ll have you ready to relax and unwind on those chilly evenings.

Muddy Foot/Paw Prints

It may look beautiful out, with the frost covering the ground, but this time of year is usually a bit wet and muddy. To stop mud from being traipsed all through your home, used good quality mats, both outside the door and inside, and teach the kids to wipe their feet! Not always so easy with pets, so if you do end up with muddy foot or paw prints, a steam mop will make short work of getting rid of them from hard floors. For carpets, its best to wait until the mud has dried, then sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda, leave for half an hour for the dirt to lift, then vacuum as usual.

Real Fireplaces and Wood Burners

Many more of us have these in our homes these day, and with the darker, colder evenings, will probably be getting tempted to fire them up! As they will not have been used for some months, it’s best to make sure the chimney is free from dirt, debris and birds’ nests beforehand! Alongside this, make sure your smoke alarms are in working order as well as carbon monoxide alarms, keep your family safe!

Bedding, Upholstery and Curtains

Although we all change our bedding on a regular basis, the mattress tends to get forgotten! You would be surprised just how must dirt can accumulate, and scarily, bedbugs are becoming more common in the UK. A thorough vacuuming with a mattress tool will do the job, but a steam cleaner is best! Using steam removes 99% of bacteria and easily lifts dirt with no chemicals, making it ideal for anyone preferring not to use chemicals on their bed!

With these things done, all that remains is a quick de-clutter of your food cupboards. Get rid of anything out of date and definitely any leftover Christmas food! Of course, if cleaning brings you out in a cold sweat, get Orchard Home Cleaning in to do it for you, give us a call on 01604 791799 or email hello@orchardhomecleaning.co.uk  and go January Sales shopping instead!

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