Toilet Cleaning

Toilet CleaningProbably one of the most unpleasant tasks, especially with small children.

Never use the same cloth you use for toilet cleaning on any other surface. Keep the sponge or cloth for that area only or perhaps use disposable, flushable wipes.

Toilet Cleaning

A good stiff brush for the bowl and for hard water areas a lime scale remover toilet cleaner will make your bowl shine!

When cleaning the seat, make sure you have firm hold as it is far too easy to break it with vigorous movements.

Make sure you dry the seat as smear marks are not a good look, a wet toilet seat can also be quite hazardous not to mention unpleasant.

The top of the cistern can be quite a dust trap as can the waste pipe. Wipe clean the cistern with a damp cloth and dry with an old towel.

Toilet Cleaning

For the waste pipe and around the toilet, hoover with the narrow tool attachment.

Finally wash around the outside on the bowl and floor areas, young boys can be quite messy so a good anti bacterial solution is best for these areas.

Again don’t use this cloth on any other surfaces.

Et voila a lovely clean and shiny throne! We hope you found our toilet cleaning advice helpful!

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