Stressing about Silicone

Black is definitely not allowed!

Are you ashamed of your shower? No matter how clean much you try, you can’t get certain areas sparkly and clean?

We all know that your shower can be clean but can be let down by the blackened silicone in the shower tray. I have spoken to some of our top cleaners to ask them for their top tips and this was the one we loved the most.

Cleaning Bathroom Mildew

Get rolling

It’s a neat trick to get it back to where it was before. Just roll up some kitchen roll into a tight long strip by rolling it length ways on a flat surface. A bit like rolling playdoh into a snake (years of experience with playdoh and it’s still my ‘go to’ creature – ha ha)  and do as many as you feel you need to go around the length of the silicone in the shower tray.

First job is to change into something old and open the windows to get some fresh air circulating around the space. Always remember to wear old clothes and rubber gloves when working with bleach.

Grab the place the kitchen roll on the edge of the shower tray just in front of the silicone. Once in place carefully pour a bleach product along the tile edge. Once the liquid starts to drip down the tiles towards the silicone, move the kitchen roll towards the silicone and press into the edge. This will ensure that the bleach sits on top of the silicone and doesn’t drip away. 

The big reveal

Leave the kitchen roll in place for about 20 minutes and then carefully peel away the paper (this is so satisfying! Hopefully it will look like brand new silicone and you won’t have to replace it like you maybe thought you would. 

Once you have finished you can throw the kitchen roll into the bin and this will reduce the amount of bleach going down the drain but obviously you will need to rinse and wipe down the surface to get rid of any excess product. 

Yay clean white beautiful shiny shower!