Moving in Cleaning Tips

There are few things more exciting or more stressful than moving house!

Try to give yourself as much time as possible when moving in. Even if the house isn’t going to be re-decorated straight away, you will still want to make sure it is spick and span. I don’t know about you, but when I moved earlier this year, as I started to clean the house in preparation, it began to feel like my own, my home. It certainly helped with the settling-in process.

Moving in Cleaning TipsMoving In Cleaning Tips

You will be surprised how messy your house gets when you are moving, dust bunnies appear from behind heavy furniture, packing boxes and paper make their own dust and of course your new home may have been empty for a little while.

In an ideal world the previous occupier will have left your new home gleaming for you, but back in the real world, we know it will probably need a good going over. Before moving your much loved treasure trove in, here are few cleaning ideas we recommend before you bring over the furniture and boxes.

Moving in Cleaning Tips In the Kitchen

Cupboards; now is a great time to give them a clean out before filling with crockery, pots and pans and food stuffs. We recommend hot soapy water, preferably an anti-bacterial washing-up liquid. We also recommend you don’t saturate but wring out your cloth. It can be a good idea to dry these surfaces as washing. May as well clean the doors inside and out, you’ll be surprised how grubby these can get.

Washing Machine, Dishwasher & Oven spaces As these are rarely moved to clean behind, they can need a bit more TLC than the rest of the kitchen and although they won’t be seen once your own appliances are in place, at least you’ll know it’s clean. A small experience I wish to share, hubby plumbed in the washing machine when we moved, and the darn thing wouldn’t work! Tried everything. Looked up the code for the error and realised it was the outlet pipe! Him indoors hadn’t realised the outlet pipe that was originally there was blank! I.E. a pipe sealed so no water could splash back through.

Tiles; Before placing your kettle, microwave, toaster, wine rack and all the other incidentals, this is a great chance to give the tiles a new lease of life. Be aware if you use an abrasive surface to clean your tiles, you will most likely scratch them. Which will mar the appearance and make future cleaning that bit more difficult. Again we recommend a soft cloth or sponge and if you make sure you dry these tiles as you go then you will avoid streaky smears.

In our next blog post, we will look at our moving-in cleaning tips for the rest of the house.

We hope you found our Moving in cleaning tips helpful. Should you have any tips you would like to share, please get in touch. The best ones will feature on the website, fully accredited of course!

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