Moving in Cleaning Tips Part 2

Moving in Cleaning TipsThis month we thought we would concentrate on the bathroom, this is one room you will want to clean sooner rather than later!

Moving in Cleaning Tips

The Toilet, let’s get the worst out of the way! If the house has stood empty for a time you can have a brown residue in the toilet bowl, which is most likely going to be lime scale. Most toilet bowls are white so this can make you feel grubby just looking at it and let’s face it, not very appealing. Don’t worry, help is at hand. We need to treat the area and leave it for a while, which is why we are tackling it first. Use an effective shop bought toilet cleaner with lime scale remover or using your toilet brush coat evenly with white vinegar. White vinegar is a great natural cleaner and is very effective on all lime scale deposits, be warned it is best diluted slightly as can be a bit abrasive.

Whilst the bowl is marinating, let’s get the rest of the loo cleaned up! We recommend disposable gloves here, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned for a while. Around the pedestal and back pipe if it is heavy with dust, a good hoovering before cleaning will save you smearing dust, wet dust = grime. Once dust free let’s get cleaning, again you may find brown or orange type stains, these are most likely to be lime scale and a diluted solution of white vinegar will soon have the throne stain free. Now you are ready to clean in your usual way with the normal cleaning products you use.

Moving in Cleaning TipsMoving in Cleaning Tips

The sink, bath and shower again may have these orange, brown stains, the dreaded lime scale monster strikes again. DO NOT use the same cleaning cloths you used on the toilet, you will only contaminate the areas with nasty germs. Treat the stains in the same way as before, this time make sure the taps and shower head receive the same treatment, used on a regular basis this will prevent lime scale build up and keep the water flowing nicely. Making your shower more powerful and the taps looking sparklingly clean Again clean these afterwards as you would normally, and to give your bathroom areas an extra shine a new look, use an old clean towel to dry all the surfaces. Paying special attention to the taps.

Right let’s take a look at the toilet bowl and seat. Using your toilet brush, scrub vigorously at varying angles, really getting deep into the discoloured areas if you still have the odd stain, don’t worry repeating this process every time you clean will soon have the area lovely and clean.

Moving in Cleaning TipsMoving in Cleaning Tips

Finally it is time for the floor, if the bathroom is carpeted we recommend hiring a carpet cleaner who will breathe new life into the carpet, for tiles or lino, hoover thoroughly using the attachments to get into all the nooks and crannies. Finally wash with very warm water and your cleaning product of choice, if you have the odd lime scale stain then these can be treated beforehand as you did with the sinks. For the rest of the floor we recommend very warm soapy water and a hand cloth, this is a deep clean method so we need to get down on our knees. Clean a small patch and rinse the cloth out thoroughly, the key here is to rinse as often as possible, otherwise you may end up simply spreading the dirt.

Everyone cleans in a different way, these are our recommendations based on the experiences we have had, if you have some ideas or would like to share your experiences, we would love to hear from you!

Now you have a lovely clean bathroom, time to test it out! We strongly recommend a nice warm soak in the bath.. you deserve it!