Do Men Make Better Cleaners than Women

Before you jump off your high horse and talk of sexism and the subjugation of one particular gender by another, there is no evidence that men are better at cleaning than women.  Nor is there evidence that women excel more than their male counterparts in this arena.

Do Men Make Better Cleaners than WomenDo Men Make Better Cleaners than Women

As a species, we like to gender divide and, over the years, we have done so on a regular basis: women are better drivers than men, men are good at map reading because they have greater “spatial awareness”, all the good comedians are men, women can endure greater pain because they have given birth.

Generalisations are wonderful things but they are mostly inaccurate, pointless and often derogatory. They take traits that can be applied to one individual and stick them onto a group of people.

  • Women make better cleaners because they are tidier and more organised.
  • Men are more efficient and better with mechanical devices.
  • Women still do most of the cleaning around the home despite the breakdown of the gender divide in recent years (this one may actually be true).
  • Men are better planners and attack cleaning like a military campaign.
  • Women are more likely to feel judged for untidiness and therefore spend more time cleaning.

Do Men Make Better Cleaners than Women

The truth is there are good cleaners and bad cleaners, just as there are good workers and bad workers, in any walk of life. The gender divide has little or nothing to do with it.

In domestic households across the world there are people who like a tidy house and those who don’t much care for it. They can be male or female. To decide that one is more concerned or better at cleaning than the other, based purely on gender, is frankly wrong.

Men are more efficient cleaners because they get the job done quickly and do it properly. They treat it like work and not a chore to be got through. They do it quicker and more thoroughly than women who often procrastinate and spend too much time on a particular task.

See how derogatory the argument quickly becomes?  None of it is evidence-based.

There may well be gender differences in the way that men and women clean. Men might be less likely to wear protective gloves when handling caustic substances. Women might be prone to getting the big jobs over with before the little ones. Who really knows?

Do Men Make Better Cleaners than Women

The truth is there is no evidence, statistical or otherwise, to say there is a gender divide in cleaning.

Should you employ a man or a woman to clean your office or home? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that they do a good job. And that comes down to that individual’s attitude, whether they have had proper training and a how willing they are to do the work.

The media often emphasises gender differences to create news that will get us all talking. They exaggerate and twist the story and many of us, male and female, are happy to go along. Yes, there are gender differences. No, that doesn’t mean we can definitively say Melissa is a worse driver than Joe or that Angela is a more accomplished horse rider than Frank or that Dave is better at telling jokes than Tina.

And it doesn’t mean that a man is a better cleaner than a woman.

All of the Orchard Home Cleaning cleaners are chosen purely on their ability, attitude and aptitude. Not gender. We would love to hear your thoughts, simply leave a comment below to join in the discussion. Who is better in your household?

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