Ironing Tips

Ironing TipsWhen it comes to ironing do you try and put it off for as long as you can?

Did you know a quarter of men admit they still get their mums to do it for them? Moreover both men and women admitted they had ruined clothes due to their lack of ironing skill. Here are a few ironing tips to help you out:

Ironing Tips

Got yourself some printed clothing? If in doubt iron inside out!

Always Iron using straight back and forth strokes, if you use circular motions it will stretch the material.

If you fold your wet washing as it comes out of the machine and let it rest before hanging out to dry, then you will cut down on large creases.

Wet shirts etc, if you hang them on a coat hanger to dry it will be far easier to iron.

Use a lower spin speed, especially on warm windy days, your washing won’t have so many creases and if you follow the advice above you will have very little left to iron

Ironing bedding is much easier if you fold in half each time you complete a side. Giving your sheets a nice crisp crease

Keep your iron lime scale free by regularly rinsing with a diluted white vinegar mix, this will prolong the life of your iron and you will avoid ironing nasty brown stains into your clothes

Try not to allow your washing to get so dry it comes out stiff, a little bit of moisture in your clothes makes it far easier to iron. Warning avoid ironing whilst your clothes are too damp, this can lead to ironing residual odour.

Ironing can be back breaking work, don’t let it build up, little and often will allow you to keep on top of it all. Faced with a huge ironing pile most of us will keep procrastinating until it takes a whole day to clear the pile

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