How clean are your hands?

Is good old soap and water enough?

We all know how important it is to keep our hands clean but there are so many hand wash products on the market. It is worth pausing to question the need for antibacterial hand wash or gels.

There has been a lot of research done to prove that good old soap and water are enough to wash away dirt, bacteria, and viruses.

Give your hands a good wash with soap and warm/hot water and there should be no need to use an antibacterial cleaner as well.

Paper hand-towels or hot air dryers?

Needless to say, hand washing is a must! What seems to bit a little less known, is that DRYING your hands is just as important. Bacteria is very easily transferred from wet skin, so drying your hands is an integral part of your hand-washing routine. But which way is best? Traditional one-use hand towels, or jet hot air dryers?

You could be forgiven for thinking that the air dryer must be more hygienic, after all, you don’t really have to touch anything. However, it is in-fact the traditional one-use hand towels that are the most hygienic.

The Facts

Researchers found that there were 27 times more germs in the air around jet-air dryers in comparison to the traditional one-use towel dispensers.

“Lead researcher Dr Keith Redway, of the University of Westminster, said: ‘these findings clearly indicate that single-use towels spread the fewest microbes of all hand-drying methods.”

Eeek! Clean Hands – Science Alert!

Cleaning your hands | are your hands clean enough

The newest jet-air hand dryers can spray up to 1.5 metres away, with the average height being 0.9 metres. Therefore, if an adult dries their hands with a child beside them, the bacteria is sprayed from the jet-air dryer at roughly face height for the child. Yikes!

Furthermore, there have been some tests done on the area closest to the jet-air dryers with researchers finding 59.5 colonies of yeast, compared with an average of just 2.2 colonies around the area for paper towels.

Just goes to show, sometimes the old ways really are the best, I certainly know which one I’ll be using from now on. Do you?