ECO v Traditional for Spring clean chores

Eco v Traditional cleaning products for spring clean chores.

This month we are are considering eco v traditional cleaning products for spring clean chores. Let’s discuss to see if they are not just better for the environment but also better at their job!

There is so much more acceptance for eco products, in general, these days with many people understanding the impact we are making on our planet. There are hundreds of items on the market with even common household names getting in on the act. So why wouldn’t you?

Well there are a few factors to consider: Cost, effectiveness and habit. Most of us have been brought up with bleach and other well-known brands around our homes, and many of them would be hard to beat on their cleaning performance. However you can’t deny their toxic make-up is very concerning relying on chlorine and ammonia to clean and disinfect your home. Eco-friendly cleaners often come with a higher price tag, but you may wonder whether they can make a difference in your home and for the environment

Make your own!

I have been dabbling with making my own cleaning products recently with very pleasing results. I bought some lovely Amber glass bottles. Filled them with part water, part white vinegar and 10 drops of lemon and a protective blend essential oil for the germ busting. It’s worked brilliantly although not got any soap element so sometimes needs to be dried off.

Slices of lemon in Water

I also tried making my own air fresheners as the sprays we are used to can be so toxic. Another spray bottle with water and peppermint was all that was needed and bobs your uncle a DIY spray is born.

I also wanted to move away from bleach for the most part and try and use an alternative and was advised to buy a large container of bicarbonate of soda. Sprinkle into the toilet bowl along with some white vinegar and the toilet was sparkling and fresh.

The performance and the minimal cost were truly surprising. Why not give it a try?

To find other DIY natural cleaning product recipes, do a quick Google search for ideas or use these simple recipes from Friends of the Earth.