Dont Let The Bedbugs Bite

My mum used kiss me nite nite, dont let the bedbugs bite! Until recently I thought bedbugs were something of the past. We were recently asked by the local council to clean up a flat. Unfortunately this flat had an infestation, there comes a time when you have to call the experts in!

Here to explain more about bedbugs is Kevin York from Yorks Pest Control


Bedbugs are becoming a problem for home owners and businesses alike given the nature of these small bugs they do not discriminate between poor or rich clean or tidy there is only one criteria they are looking for blood and there blood of choice is human .


Adult bedbugs are oval, wingless insects, which are 5-7 mm long. There bodies are flat which allows them to hide in tight cracks and crevices. When unfed they are yellow or brown in colour changing to mahogany brown after feeding.

Both male and female bedbugs feed on blood which provides them with the nutrients needed for survival and the production of eggs.

During daylight hours they prefer to hide in dry dark places such as furniture beds and mattresses only emerging at night to feed before returning to there hiding places.


Bedbugs are considered a pest due to there feeding habits where they bite and feed off the blood of humans. This feeding habit can produce different reactions ranging from no reaction at all to severe reactions with large itchy bites and sleepless nights. There is no evidence that bedbugs can transmit diseases or infections to humans. Bedbugs can also cause damage to peoples belongings by excreting excess moisture after feeding this leads to blood spots which in severe cases can completely foul furniture bedding and mattresses. In the case of businesses they can cause damage to a companies name and reputation after all nobody wants to sleep in a hotel with a bed bug infestation. Then there is the financial cost of rooms or areas being closed while treatment is carried out.


  • There are several signs to look out for.
  • The presence of live bedbugs
  • Skin casts and hatched or un hatched eggs

Brown or black marks on sheets or areas around the beds which are caused by the bedbugs excreta which manly consists of excess blood.

If you discover any of these signs chances are you already have a infestation the next step would be to determine the extent and areas affected. This can be achieved by carrying out a detailed inspection. This task should ideally be carried out by a professional pest controller. A detailed inspection should be carried out to locate all bedbug activity and in some circumstances may even extend to harbouring rooms and properties. If one female bedbug is missed it is enough to cause re infestation.

Once the infestation has been located a treatment plan should be put in to place.


Any sheets curtains or clothing affected should be put on a hot wash 60 c and then tumble dried care should be taken to ensure bedbugs are not accidentally transported to other areas. It is good practise to bag any thing that is being moved out of affected areas.

A residual spray should be applied to walls, floors and furniture. Additionally it is recommended that a targeted treatment of cracks and crevices which are the main hiding places is carried out using a residual spray or dust. At this time it is also good practise to use a insect growth regulator (igr). Using this integrated approach ensures that bedbugs are treated at all stages of their life cycle.

After two weeks, another inspection should be carried out and further treatment may be necessary. This should be repeated again after four weeks to ensure the infestation is completely gone.

This process can take a long time and be complicated for an amateur or diy pest controller. Ideally, it should be carried out by a professional pest controller using the correct materials and tools for the job.


  • Correct identification
  • Thorough survey and inspection
  • Thorough treatment of all effected areas
  • Further inspection after treatment
  • If in doubt seek professional advice

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