Cleaning Your Ironing Board

From time to time we get a build-up of dirt, grime and even limescale on the ironing board, if left too long this could end up marking your laundry as you iron.

Every now and then, when you have finished the ironing pile, turn your iron as hot as it can go, and get an old cotton pillowcase or scrap of a cotton sheet as long as they are clean either will do, it must be cotton though!

Cleaning Your Ironing BoardCleaning Your Ironing Board

Once your iron is as hot as it can get, you can start cleaning your ironing board. Choose a section of your cover and hold for as long as you dare without scorching the material, any build-up of dust or grime will be transferred to the cotton, repeat this process all over your ironing board.

Cleaning Your Ironing Board

If your cover is damaged beyond this process then it is time to buy a new one! Your last piece of maintenance for cleaning your ironing board is the tray, make sure you remove any limescale deposits left from the steam and dry. There now your laundry is safe from accidental marking, oh and do remember to turn that iron down again!

Do you have any tips you would like to share with us, all the best ones will be published on the blog and of course, we will credit you. We hope you found ‘Cleaning your Ironing Board’ helpful.

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