Cleaning Whilst Pregnant

Sometimes it can feel a bit like being wrapped up in cotton wool, however cleaning whilst pregnant isn’t a problem as long as you’re sensible (if in doubt check with your midwife or doctor).

Cleaning Whilst PregnantCleaning Whilst Pregnant

Here are five cleaning whilst pregnant tips we have experienced ourselves. Most of us at Orchard Home Cleaning are mums and have experienced first-hand the desire to have everything clean versus the restrictions pregnancy brings:

Do what feels comfortable – if it’s stretching or straining you, don’t do it, ask for help. Better safe than sorry! Don’t forget avoid any bulky or heavy lifting.

Toxic! – Check your cleaning products, things like oven cleaner, toilet cleaner and drain cleaners are quite often toxic or poisonous. If they are don’t use them! Even if you were fine before, don’t forget all your defenses are very low right now. Instead, research some of the greener products on the market. Adopting safe cleaning whilst pregnant will be great practice for when baby arrives. We don’t want to introduce a new born to a toxic environment do we?

The gloves are on! – Your skin can be much more sensitive than usual, even if your cleaning products are non toxic, items like washing up liquid can become an irritant when you’re cleaning whilst pregnant. Let’s not have any more to deal with than we have to, invest in some latex gloves and use them.

It’s not a sign of weakness, ask for help! – As your pregnancy progresses, things like hoovering, cleaning low and high levels will become harder, so ask for help! You may find cleaning whilst pregnant particularly draining. You will be feeling more tired than usual, smells will make you feel nauseous and your expanding belly will mean maneuvering will not be so easy. Ask your partner to help, or get the children to pitch in. Alternatively you can engage a professional cleaner to come in and lighten the load.

Nesting – Most women will get to a certain part of the pregnancy and will want their home to be absolutely perfect for the new arrival. The desire to re-arrange the furniture to make things warm, comfortable and practical will be a strong driving force. Be the director – do not attempt to move furniture yourself, instead ask friends and family to help out whilst you direct their efforts.

Cleaning Whilst Pregnant

If you need professional help with your cleaning whilst pregnant, then get in touch. We can provide short or long term cleaners. A one off spring clean before the baby is due might be a good option, as we use your cleaning products you know they will be safe! Perhaps you are having a difficult time and need more help. We can provide daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaners. There are so many things going on with your body, all your energy will be going to help grow your beautiful new addition to the family… we’ll make more time for yourself call 01604 791799 let us help!

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