Cleaning Tip Dealing with Spiders

There’s nothing better than going home after a busy day at work, opening all the windows, pouring yourself a glass of your favourite tipple and relaxing in the garden catching that last hour of sunshine. What isn’t so lovely however is when you go back inside to find your home swamped with a mass of insects, or worse, spiders! Seeing those creepy crawlies unexpectedly settling in for the night can make for unwanted company.

Cleaning Tip Dealing with SpidersCleaning Tip Dealing with Spiders

Other than screaming the house down or hoping the dog will eat them, there are other methods to calm nerves and restore your home to its natural tranquility:

1) Light candles or burn fragrance oils; preferably citronella or peppermint. Spiders dine out on bugs so unless you want them to enjoy 5-star cuisine in your living room, citronella will detract bugs, thus preventing a visit from your 8-legged friends. Alternatively, spray a mix of water and peppermint oil into nooks and crannies. Peppermint is spider Kryptonite so don’t be scared to vaporise your home with it. (Obviously, be aware of any children and pets running around and never leave candles unattended.)

2) Turn off or dim outdoor lighting. There’s nothing more appealing to a bug than bright light, and it only takes a few to venture in that direction before they find their way into your open window, closely followed by Incy Wincy and family. If you don’t have a dimmer switch, opt for a softer, low-wattage bulb instead.

3) Tame your bushes! If you have overgrown foliage, especially outside the windows and doors or along the brickwork of your house, cut it back. Spiders are at home amongst plants and trees so keep them tidy to prevent them playing hide and seek in your home.

4) De-clutter your home. Get rid of any cardboard boxes or old newspapers/magazines and even clothes that are lying around. They provide an ideal opportunity for spiders to hide and nest. Instead, use air-tight plastic storage boxes/containers which will prevent them setting up camp.

5) Keep the kitchen tidy. This is a breeding ground for germs and bugs. Crumbs or leftover food attracts flies and bugs which will only continue to attract spiders. Take out the bins and recycling too. It’s great to do your bit for the environment by putting your food waste or empties into the correct boxes but leaving them lying around in the kitchen or next to the back door will only encourage spiders to take up residence.

6) Give your home a good vacuum and don’t be shy to really get your teeth into it. Hoover the carpets and clean in the corners of walls, along the skirting boards and ceilings, ensure you exterminate any spider webs and eggs that may be lurking.

7) Place conkers in the corners of each room. It’s thought they release a fragrance that spiders don’t like…just don’t hoover them up when you’re on your cleaning frenzy!

8) Call in the experts. If you find nothing works, the problem may need a professional to exterminate the situation for you.

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