Cleaning Safely

Having a lovely clean home to come home to is a great feeling! The floors are clean, the surfaces are dust free and for some clients we even change the bedding!

Cleaning SafelyCleaning Safely

But at what cost? No I am not talking about how much you pay to have your home cleaned. What I want to talk about today is cleaning safely.

As individuals we are all pretty unique, which is amazing when you take a moment to stop and think about it! Even twins who may well look exactly the same will have differences. Different tastes, ideas, perceptions, preferences and allergies!

Cleaning Safely

Every single home we clean is different and so are the people living in them.

Some homes have pets, some small children or babies, some no children, some with severe allergies, some with very definite preferences, some with very rare items, some with furniture that require specialist treatment and care. So how on earth are we able to cater for all of these different eventualities? How do we ensure that we are using the right kind of cleaning products to suit each household? How can we attend to your cleaning safely?

Cleaning Safely

Well it’s easy really! No we don’t have miracle cleans all, suits all, allergy free product. We simply use products that are recommended to us by experts, by those people who know exactly what your house and its precious items and unusual furniture need. You, we use your products, follow your directions for their use, the ones that you like the smell of, the ones that you know will suit your requirements, ones you have tried and tested over the years. What better recommendation could we possibly get?

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